No one has married a crowdfunding platform with an extensive on-the-ground network before because it’s traditionally difficult to scale that kind of network. RootProject has created ROOTS tokens to build a decentralized ecosystem that scales in ways an ordinary company or nonprofit could not.

You can buy ROOTS tokens during our ICO, which ends November 17th, 2017.

By participating in the RootProject ecosystem, you earn ROOTS tokens. And earning ROOTS tokens increases your voice in that system. You can earn ROOTS tokens by:

  • Donating to other projects
  • Evaluating projects for their realism and budget accuracy, sharing your local knowledge in a way that helps us grow.
  • Initiate projects: If you start enough projects that get successfully funded without major revisions to their budget, you can start earning money with each new project you start.

RootProject’s aim is to fund a whole new generation of community activists.