RootProject is a new type of crowdfunding platform. Anyone can inititate a project and organize a campaign. But unlike traditional crowdfunding, the projects on here are completed either by
RootProject itself or one of its partner nonprofits.

Traditional crowdfunding is great. But after the thrill of the campaign, there’s often months or years of work that lie ahead.

That leaves tons of projects that everyone wants to see get crowdfunded go unfunded, because those that would initiate the campaigns don’t have the time to do all the work.

By marrying a crowdfunding platform with on-the-ground organization, RootProject opens up a whole new world of crowdfunding. By sourcing the labor from those below the poverty line, most of the donations get to be tax deductible.

The main features of RootProject include:


A new crowdfunding model creates supply and demand for community projects. Project initiators don’t need to complete the project or know anything about cryptocurrencies. Donors get tax deductions. Socially visible projects enhance reputations.


A portion of a project’s crowdfunded proceeds go to token purchases, driving currency demand. The rest goes to material, one supervisor’s wages, and wages for those stuck in poverty to complete the project. The currency’s supply is hard capped, so each project reduces liquid token supply.


In addition to hourly wages, paid in USD, cryptocurrency worth half of the day’s earnings is deposited into a medium-term pension fund-like entity – further reducing liquid token supply and aligning the interests of investors and society’s most vulnerable.

We’re a startup, so for our launch we’re partnering with some incredible nonprofits that have been around for decades, and will continue to do so as we scale our operations.

Check out the “FAQ” and “ROOTS” Tokens sections and email us if you have any other questions.