Restructure Capitalism.

End Extreme Poverty.

The worlds's first effectively tax-subsidized cryptocurrency


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ICO:1 eth = 10.0000 roots

About Root Project

a nonprofit powered by a very powerful cryptocurrency


Laborless Crowdfunding

A new crowdfunding model creates supply and demand for community projects. Project initiators don’t need to complete the project or know anything about cryptocurrencies. Donors get tax deductions. Socially visible projects enhance reputations.



A portion of a project’s crowdfunded proceeds go to token purchases, driving currency demand. The rest goes to material, one supervisor’s wages, and wages for those stuck in poverty to complete the project. The currency’s supply is hard capped, so each project reduces liquid token supply.


‘Pension’ Fund and Interest Alignment

In addition to hourly wages, paid in USD, cryptocurrency worth half of the day’s earnings is deposited into a medium-term pension fund-like entity - further reducing liquid token supply and aligning the interests of investors and society’s most vulnerable..

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The Cryptocurrency aligns investor interests with nonprofit program participants.

The labor-intensive process of localized crowdfunding project curation, maintenance and initiation is possible only because of decentralized governance mechanisms built into the ROOTS token.

Who We Are

Chris Place


Chris is a cofounder of Prepd and a Y Combinator fellow. Prepd has enjoyed over $5 million is sales in its first 1.5 years.

Chris holds a BA (Hons) in industrial design, and has worked with award-winning designers on globally recognized brands. He has years of marketing experience in traditional and start-up settings.

Chris is from London and divides his time between New York and Hong Kong.

Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge


A political economist, Nick received his PhD from the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2013. His dissertation explored inferential and numerical optimization issues in the most sophisticated models used in international currency markets.

Before he founded and built wander+, he worked as a big data programmer at Revolution Analytics (acquired by Microsoft). Nick is from Boston and currently lives in New York City.

Anton Kraminkin

Development Director

Anton is an economist and an early blockchain enthusiast.

Having first invested in Bitcoin in 2012, he has participated in numerous pre-ICOs and ICOs. Anton recently worked at Oliver Wyman, a leading international management consultancy firm.

He graduated from the top-ranked University of Warwick (UK) with a degree in economics, and will soon start an M.A. in the social sciences at the University of Chicago.

Zac Filan

Principal Software Engineer.

Zac is a Principal Software Engineer at Allscripts, where he is the Technical Lead of an Agile Scrum team. He has spent more than two decades in engineering roles, roughly half that time at IBM.

In his spare time he has taught Software Systems Analysis and Design at the university level. He holds an MS and BS in Computer Science.

Alex Bazhanau

Principal Ethereum Engineer

Alex is a smart contract developer. He was hired by IBM to develop applications on Hyperledger for Africa. Alex also has an BS in computer science, and for his diploma he developed a ÐAPP for electronic voting in universities.

Previously, he worked for Adform and Itransition as a backend software engineer.

Mark Streeter

Head of Investor Outreach

Mark has ten years’ experience at Asia’s leading brokerage firm. Over the course of a career that has spanned three continents - Europe, Asia and North America - he has had the opportunity to work with and understand the investment styles, approaches, and needs of major institutional investors and leading minds in the global financial sector. He leads RootProject’s large investor outreach program. Mark currently lives in Tokyo.

David Richey

Director of Communications

With a deep understanding of how politics and public policy impact communications, David has spent his career delivering results in challenging environments on behalf of high-profile companies, elected officials and organizations. As vice president of policy and communications at Strategies 360, he has a proven record of building relationships with the news media, policymakers and stakeholders to overcome barriers and achieve objectives.

Dr. Stuart Koman


Stuart is the founder, president and CEO of Walden Behavioral Care and its nonprofit Walden Center for Education and Research. Dr. Koman has more than 30 years of experience leading and scaling behavioral health care organizations. Walden has provided service to more than 15,000 patients during his tenure. He is an inspiration to RootProject and is helping assemble a world class panel of experts to guide RootProject’s scaling of service delivery to vulnerable populations. He received his PhD from Duke University.

Dr. Ashley Hooper


A Senior Economist at Keystone Strategy, Ashley received her PhD from the Department of Economics at the University of California-San Diego.

Previous to Keystone she was the acting Head of CRE and CMBS Research at Deutsche Bank, recently the largest CRE lender in the world.

Ashley grew up in Maryland and lives in San Francisco.

Advisory Board

The founders of RootProject are advised by several cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, as well as leading New York legal and accounting firms.

In addition, RootProject’s on-the-ground operations involve a well-studied area that overlaps the fields of public policy, economics, political science, sociology, psychology and urban studies. Look for additions to this section as Drs. Judge and Hooper build out an advisory board of leading experts in each of the above fields.