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Giving money to the other campaigns on this site is an act of donation. You can also support RootProject by purchasing ROOTS tokens during the tokensale which starts soon. You can join the whitelist now. Holding tokens allows you to participate in the

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End the Digital Divide for those in Extreme Poverty

Tech Goes Home (TGH) empowers communities to access and use digital tools to overcome barriers and improve lives. In partnership with RootProject, we are hoping to raise $20,000 so 50 homeless and undersheltered families can receive the computers, internet access, and

$5,213.00 Raised 21.72 %
$24,000.00 Goal
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Boston, MA, United States (US)

Give a Child Living in Poverty a Bicycle

Do you remember your first bike? Your first trip down the driveway or to school? We give children living in situations where there is little reason to smile that same memory. Our work is focused on children living in urban, rural, and Native American communities whose lives

$3,663.00 Raised 18.32 %
$20,000.00 Goal
25 Days to Go
United States

Buy a Person Without a Home a Smart Phone

When one is without regular shelter, a smart phone is one’s lifeline to life-saving city resources, friends, and the rest of society. When RootProject opens offices in a new pilot city, we will give away fingerprint-locked phones to those that need them.

$5,091.00 Raised 25.46 %
$20,000.00 Goal
25 Days to Go

Cocoon House Upgrades – Improve the Lives of Homeless Teens

Cocoon House, in conjunction with RootProject, is raising funds to upgrade their facilities, where homeless youths in Washington State aged 12- 24 are given a home. Cocoon House empowers young people, families, and the community to break the cycle of homelessness through

$1,897.00 Raised 36.48 %
$5,200.00 Goal
25 Days to Go
Washington State, United States (US)

Contribute to a Fund for Legal Representation for Undersheltered People

Interaction with officialdom is a major barrier to overcome for those stuck in poverty. Lawyers, out of necessity, focus their limited pro bono hours on the most vital legal services. This fund to is pay lawyers to take their services to another level, helping individuals

$4,478.00 Raised 22.39 %
$20,000.00 Goal
25 Days to Go

Help Korean single-mothers live in a safe and stable environment

Single mothers in Korea face serious challenges from their low income and child care issues. Many children from a single-parent household endure extremely difficult childhood due to their unstable living environment. From the moment a woman becomes a single mother, her

$85.00 Raised 0.85 %
$10,000.00 Goal
25 Days to Go
Seoul, South Korea