Why There Is Such A Big Variance In The Price From Different Pawnshops

Why There Is Such A Big Variance In The Price From Different Pawnshops

Pawnshops aren’t exactly the most popular places. When people resort to pawning their items that means they as down on their luck so much so that their bank cannot help and they cannot put their hope in credit cards either. But life happens and rather than resorting to short term loans like Payday loans that charge an annual interest of about 400%, pawnshops are a better alternative.  Thousands of people frequent Brisbane’s pawnshops on a daily basis. These are mostly people who need money and cannot access cash any other way, or they may have exhausted all other avenues and they only have grandma’s jewellery to use as collateral. The beauty with pawnshops is that you can get your gold back when you pay the loan back.

Pawnshops accept a variety of things. You may have seen a lot of them displaying televisions and audiovisual gadgets but anything that can be of value to someone c an be pawned. This includes everything from shotguns to jewellery. The pawn shop industry is a multibillion dollar industry that can be found in every country in the world.

Pawnbrokers decide what to offer a seller by first assessing the resale value of the item and then offering a lesser price in order that the pawnbroker could realize a profit in case the customer does not come back for the pawned items. Most people get disappointed by how much less they get for stuff they spent a lot of money buying, they forget that when it goes to a pawnshop it is already second-hand and it cannot be valued as if it were new.  Different pawnshops will have different ways of pricing. A pawnshop that offers you the least amount of money isn’t necessarily the greediest.  The reason behind the wild variance in prices comes down to three key factors: differing margin gals, different liquidity levels and different specialization.

Profit margins are generally low for big chain pawn shop s but higher for small stores. Of the three factors that affect the price, specialty is the most important. A pawn shop  that specializes in jewellerymay not know much about shotguns just as much as a shop that specializes in electronic equipment would not know what to look for in a vintage motorcycle.

For pawnshops, doling out a loan based on a guitar, or a pair of gold earrings being used as collateral is a risk. The pawnbroker needs to be sure that he or she will be able to sell. Most of the risk, however is mitigated by the fact that most people will reclaim their items. Most pawnshop owners get their business from repeat customers. They would pawn the same item repeatedly, so they don’t have to worry about creating space for the item in the store. It is always in the pawn broker’s interest to help the customer to pay back their loans. Most usually do. Some pawnbrokers will cultivate a friendship and present themselves as the person you turn when times are hard.


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