Different Ways To Invest In Gold In Singapore

Different Ways To Invest In Gold In Singapore

Physical gold buying is not your only option when it comes to buying gold in Singapore. Multiple other ways are waiting for you to explore, and get the benefitted of gold’s ever-booming prices. Here are some.

Buying Gold Certificates

If you are looking forward to buygold in Singapore, probably the best way is to do it with gold certificates. It is just like buying physical gold, only you don’t take the gold bars home. On buying by certification, you are issued a certificate of purchase that can be used anytime in exchange for cash or physical gold

Buying Using A Gold Savings Account

Some banks in Singapore allow you to open a gold savings account. Using this account, you can buy and sell gold without having to deal with physical delivery. How it is done? All you need to do is open a gold saving account and you can buy and sell without having to worry about the safety of it. Just like a normal bank account, you can track transactions, and also see the account balance.

Buying Gold ETFs And Other Types Of Related Funds

If you have a little experience of investing in stocks and commodities through ETFs, this is one of the best ways of buying gold in Singapore. You can simply buy and sell gold as you do for shares through an online platform. And it gets even better, you can invest in multi-asset ETFs where you will get gold listed in their asset classes. In this way not only you are buying gold, but other stocks and bonds as well which will benefit you in reaching your financial goals faster.

Buying Stocks Of Gold-Related Companies

Buying gold in Singapore is fun, you have multiple options ready to be explored. Take this one, for example, you get to invest by buying shares of companies that deal in gold-related industries. We agree it isn’t the same as investing directly in gold, but when it comes to earning fortunes even the mirror gold prices can offer you great opportunities. As the gold prices are on the rise, the gold-related industries too are on the rise. But sadly also, the reverse is true.

Futures, Options, Commodities, And Forex

Last but great to earn some quick cash, you can start trading gold rather than holding onto it. Futures, Options, commodities and even the Forex markets are full of opportunities where you can get the price of gold in a currency of your choice. But beware, you need to be an experienced trader to sail this boat.


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